2010 Presentations

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Real-Time Disease Prediction and Forecasting for the Management of Pecan Scab

Andrea F. Payne and Damon L. Smith

Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology,

Oklahoma State University, Stillwater

Albert Sutherland

Oklahoma Mesonet, Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering,

Oklahoma State University, Stillwater


Planting and Care of Young Pecan Trees

Lenny Wells

Department of Horticulture

University of Georgia

Tifton, GA


Pecan Seed Stock Selection — Regional Implications

L. J. Grauke

USDA-ARS Pecan Breeding and Genetics

Somerville, TX


Stink Bug Ecology in Southeastern Farmscapes

Michael D. Toews

Department of Entomology

University of Georgia

Tifton, GA


Management of Graft-Transmission of the Pecan Bacterial Leaf Scorch Pathogen

R. S. Sanderlin

Louisiana State University AgCenter Pecan Research-Extension Station

Shreveport, LA

R. A. Melanson

LSU AgCenter Plant Pathology and Crop Physiology Department

Baton Rouge, LA


Pecan Anthracnose and other Unusual Diseases: Learning from an Unusual Year

Tim Brenneman

Department of Plant Pathology

University of Georgia

Tifton, GA


Pecan Production Under a “Food Systems” Paradigm

Bruce W. Wood

USDA-ARS Southeastern Fruit and

Tree Nut Laboratory

Byron, GA


Exploring Alternative Energy Sources for the Pecan Industry

Gary L. Hawkins

Biological and Agricultural Engineering

University of Georgia

Tifton, GA


A Pecan ipmpipe Users Guide and Report on for sepga

Alejandro Calixto and Marvin Harris (presenter)

Department of Entomology

Texas A&M University

College Station TX


Spotlight on Pecans: Expanding the Market

Jon Krueger

Communications Specialist

National Pecan Shellers Association

Atlanta, GA


Contamination, Survival, and Elimination of Salmonella on Pre-Harvest and Post-Harvest Pecans

Larry R. Beuchat

Center for Food Safety, University of Georgia

1109 Experiment Street, Griffin, GA 30223-1797


Expanding Export Markets for Pecans: China and Beyond

Terry Coleman

Deputy Commissioner

Georgia Department of Agriculture

Atlanta, GA


The Nutrients and Bioactives of Pecans: A Potential Marketing Tool?

Ronald B. Pegg (presenter) and Ronald R. Eitenmiller

Department of Food Science & Technology

The University of Georgia

100 Cedar Street

Athens, GA