2017 Presentations

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Review of 2016 Market Access Program

Janice Dees

USPGC ‐ Executive Director

Tifton, GA


2017 Market Access Program, Priorities, Strategies ,Export Growth

Douglas Freeman

U.S. Pecan Growers Council


Optimized Diagnostics Of Xyella Fastidiosa In Pecan With Impacts On Domestic And International Distribution

Ms. Angelyn Hilton

Plant Pathology and Microbiology Department

Texas A&M University

College Station, TX


The Role of Phosphitesin Scab Management and Residues in Pecan Kernels

Clive H. Bock


Byron, GA

Tim Brenneman

University of Georgia, Tifton


Innovative Marketing Programs

Diane Jackson

National Pecan Shellers Association


Wildlife Damage in Commercial Pecan Orchards: A Comprehensive Approach

Adam T. Rohnke

MSU Extension


New Bacterial Products for Control of Pecan Pests

David Shapiro-Ilan, Ted Cottrell, Clive Bock

USDA-ARS, SE Fruit and Tree Nut Research Lab

Russ Mizell

University of Florida, NFREC, Quincy, FL


Update on Fungicide Resistance Research and New Implications for Scab Management

Katherine L. Stevenson

Department of Plant Pathology

University of Georgia, Tifton


Is Hedging the Key to the Future of Southeastern Pecan Production?

Lenny Wells

UGA Horticulture